EDGETECH SSOLUTIONS is an IT consultancy company specializing in the implementation and development of banking solutions. We are also experts in the implementation of T24 banking system specialising in

  • T24/Globus interfacing. (APIs used include webservices, ISO8583, OFS, RMI)
  • ARC Internet banking implementation
  • T24 implementation and upgrades
  • T24 customization
  • T24 Technical and Business training

Our Mission Current Projects

To be a leading provider in high quality and affordable Information technology (IT) solutions/systems.

EDGETECH designs, develops, implements and supports computer systems and provides IT consultancy. It seeks to assist its customers in automating business processes

EDGETECH will uphold Christian values in its dealings with stakeholders, customers and suppliers. The Core values for EDGETECH are
1. Honesty
2. Fairness
3. Quick delivery of solutions

EDGETECH SOLUTIONS – Forging ahead with technology

PROFIT – To generate sufficient profit to finance future growth and to provide the resources needed to achieve the other objectives of the company
GROWTH – To grow the business at a rate that is both challenging and manageable, leading the market with innovation and adaptability.
EMPLOYEMENT CREATION – To create employment and thus help curb the unemployment rate.
COMMUNITY – To be an intellectual and social asset to the community and environment.
CHURCH – To provide financial support to the Church of Jesus Christ and thus help advance the gospel

Key success Factors
The keys for the success of EDGETECH are
1. Marketing and Networking (Getting the name and the brand out there in the market)
2. Quality – Getting the job done right the first time, offering 100% guarantee
3. Relationships – Developing loyal repeat customers
4. Responsiveness – Fast response time to customer requirements