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As Edgetch, we have developed value-add banking products. If you are interested in any of our product, please contact us and we will be glad to supply more information.

EdgePay, Edgepay is out latest innovative product which allows customers to make payments at aPOS terminal using their mobile phone. The solution uses nearbytes technology which uses ultrasonic sound to transfer data between the mobile phone and the POS terminal. Download bronchure

Edgemobile, Edgemobile Mobile banking allows you to perform all your banking on you Mobilephone.The edgeMobile solution allows three modes of interaction with Mobile users namely

  • USSD
  • SMS
  • Mobile phone native  Client

A native mobile client has been developed for each of the major mobile platforms including Apple IOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows mobile. Also an html5 client is available which will work with any mobile browser like Opera mini. NB:Edgemobile can easily be integrated to any core banking system which supports ISO8583 or webservices Download bronchure

3Connect Bridge, Our bridge allows you to seamlessly integrate third party systems to T24. This includes systems like ATM switch, Internet banking solutions, Mobile banking. Formats supported are

  • ISO8583
  • XML format (which also allows the bridge to act as a Webservice client)
  • Delimited text
  • Fixed width text

The bridge also supports delivery of transaction alerts and delivery advices from T24 to third party system. Download bronchure

Email Interface, Our T24 email interface will allow your to sent emails to customers triggered by a T24 delivery event. The interface seamlessly integrated to the t24 delivery module. This means any T24 delivery advice can be confiured on our email interface for delivery to customers. T24 has over 600 delivery advices. More importantly, account statements can easily be configured. The interface supports PDF format and Plain text format

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As Edgetech, we offer a wide range of consultacy services for core banking systems. Our main speciality is around the T24 banking system

Interfacing / Integration, If you require to interface T24 to any other system then look no further. We have a deep passion for T24 interfacing and we are experts. No matter how complex it looks, as long as there is an API we can interface it for. We have succesfully implemented interfaces for a many banks including Cheque and EFT clearing, Webservices integration between t24 and revenue authorities for eTax payment

  • KRA
  • RRA
  • URA
    ,Salary processing, MICR cheque readers integration, Credit card management system (full integation with WAY4 CCMS) just a mention some.

T24 User training, We offer both Technical and business training for T24. We have conducted training for some of our bank clients. One notable is the T24 business traning done at Faulu Kenya for about 19 T24 modules targeting more 800 trainees.

T24 implementations, Installation, implementation and customerisation of T24 banking system. Installations for jBase database and T24 banking system. This also includes data migration services, T24 upgrades or t24 re-implementations

Documentation, We can assist you with documentation for your T24 project

  • Business requirement documents
  • Interface requirements documents
  • UAT test scripts
  • Function and technical specifications
  • Interface and customisation User guides

Support, We offer both technical and business support for T24



Projects Implemented More Projects...

ARCIB internet banking, We have successfully implemented ARCIB for the following customers

  • Standard Bank Angola
  • Metbank Zimbabwe
  • SME Bank Namibia

Integration to Revenue authorities, The interfaces allows online retrieval of information from the revenue authorities database from a t24 screen, and also allows t24 to commit transactions into the revenue authorities database. We have implemented this for the following

  • Kenya Revenue authority - KCB bank group
  • Rwanda Revenue authority - KCB bank group
  • Uganda Revenue authority - KCB bank group
  • Zimbabwe Revenue authority - Metbank Zimbabwe

Integration Credit card management system, Successfully integrated T24 to the Way4 credit card management system using webservices. The interface allows the users to perform all Way4 functionalities using T24 screens. The users can create way4 entities, create credit card applications, issue credit cards, query credit card information using T24 screens. The interface then sends and retrieves information into Way4 system. This interface was done for Standard bank Angola, and caters for more than 50 functionalities

Mobile banking interface,

KCB Bank - An ISO8583 online realtime interface to T24 at KCB Bank and supports all the five subsidiaries. The interface also supports push alerts to customers mobile phones.

Faulu Kenya - Mobile loan application interface for Faulu Kenya. The solution allows loan officers to approve a loan for a client in the field (ie away from the office). The request is sent to T24 through the Faulu mobile banking solution. Our interface picks this request and automatically creates customer account and disburse the loan. The interface generates a response both to the loan officer's mobile number and the customer's mobile number with details of the account number and the loan created

T24 integration to Airtel, We have successfully implemented integration of T24 to Airtel Money for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. This has been successfully done for KCB Bank Group. The interface allows Airtel customers to transfer money, enquire balances, mini statements from the bank; Allows bank customer to buy airtime from Airtel, enquire balances, transfer to mobile wallet

Integration to University, We integrated to National University of Science and Technolgy Zimbabwe to T24 for school fees payment for Metbank. The integration is online realtime and allows T24 to insert payments into NUST using T24 teller screens.

T24 User training,

  • KCB Bank – Conducted T24 technical training for the Information technology team
  • MetBank Zimbabwe - Conducted T24 technical training for the Information technology team
  • Faulu Kenya
    • Technical training – Conducted T24 technical training for the Information technology team
    • Business training – Conducted T24 business training for about 800 (eight hundred) trainees for various T24 modules

OTHERS,We have implemented many other projects including the following functionalities

  • Inwards and Outwards Clearing
  • ATM interface
  • Mobile banking interface
  • Mobile banking registration
  • Email interface
  • Credit Cards direct debits
  • ATM card issue
  • Credit quest interface
  • Incoming SWIFT Straight through processing
  • T24 alerts
  • EFT / Salaries processing interface
  • Credit Rating system integration to T24